Guide to Choosing the Perfect Necklace for Every Neckline

Guide To Choosing The Perfect Necklace For Every Neckline

What Necklace To Wear With Different Necklines

Have you ever stood before your mirror, deciding which necklace best fits a particular outfit? The struggle is accurate, and we've all been there. But fear not! In this article, we'll dive into the world of necklines and jewelry to provide guidelines and ideas on what necklaces to pair with different necklines, making your styling choices a breeze.

1. V Neckline

A V neckline is a classic and versatile choice. You can choose a dainty pendant necklace or a choker, which works well with this neckline. If you want to make a bold statement, opt for a beautiful bib necklace at the collarbone. A layered chain necklace is also an option. Just ensure the longest pendant goes below the V of the neckline.

Whether wearing a V-neck dress for an evening party or a blouse for a casual day out, our Large Flower Zircon Pearl Necklace is a versatile accessory that suits all occasions. The bold design of this necklace harmonizes wonderfully with the V neckline, adding depth and dimension to your attire.


Large Flower Zircon Pearl Necklace for V-Neckline

2. Classic Button Down

A classic white button-down shirt provides several jewelry options. A vintage-inspired pendant necklace is a timeless choice that pairs well with the shirt. For a more versatile option, choose a collarbone-length necklace that complements the neckline without being too overwhelming. If you're wearing a specialty neckline shirt with cutouts or a cross-front, skip the necklace and focus on statement earrings or bracelets.


3. Halter Necklines

Halter necklines are fun and fashionable to wear! They often feature a covered chest or a sweetheart cut, allowing various styling options. To accessorize a halter neckline effortlessly, try sleek pendants or symmetrical lariats. This combination draws attention to the neckline and the accessory, creating a balanced look. For a more edgy touch, go for a triangular neckpiece with a pointy end. Embrace the versatility of the halter neckline and express your style with confidence.

4. Square Neckline

Square necklines are a throwback to the elegance of vintage style. Complement this with geometric-patterned necklaces that match the angularity of the neckline. These patterns can augment both your formal attire and party wear.

5. Off Shoulder Neckline

These tops offer an opportunity to showcase a striking statement necklace. Opt for a necklace on the collarbone, such as a bib or a choker. Longer necklaces can work if they don't conflict with the neckline, or you can play it safe with a stunning pair of bold earrings.

Our White Pearl Choker Necklace enhances the elegance of these tops effortlessly. The simplicity of the white pearls combined with the modern choker design is a subtle nod to classical elegance, all while maintaining a chic and contemporary edge. This fusion of traditional and modern elements allows the necklace to stand out while perfectly harmonizing with the unique style of off-shoulder and one-shoulder tops.


White Pearl Choker Necklace for Off Shoulder

6. Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is inherently a show-stealer. When accessorizing this neckline, remember the golden rule – keep it simple. Opt for a wide, round necklace that accentuates the bare collar and neck without overpowering the neckline.

7. Strapless Neckline

The perfect companion to your strapless dresses is a trendy choker necklace. Chokers highlight your neck and shoulder area, emphasizing the beauty of your dress, whether it's printed, pastel, or a solid color.

8. Scoop Neckline

With scoop necklines, you have an extra area to play with. Pick a necklace with optimum volume. Broad, layered necklaces, double-chain styles, fringe styles, or lariats can perfectly fill a scoop neckline's 'U' shape.

9. Boat Neckline

Boat necklines and layered necklaces are a match made in heaven. Instead of one, wear multiple necklaces of varied lengths to add depth and dimension to your boat-neck dress or top. Try our  Silver Opal Double Layer Necklace for a stylish and sophisticated look. Combining a silver chain and opal pendant adds just the right amount of sparkle to your ensemble. 


Silver Opal Double Layer Necklace  for Boat Neckline

10. Turtle Neckline

Turtlenecks offer a consistent pattern along the neck. The go-to accessories are long chains, necklaces with prominent motifs, or chains with extended designs. They add an extra element of style to the otherwise plain neckline. Avoid chokers and opt for necklaces below the neckline for an elongated effect.

11. Cowl Neckline

Cowl necklines are dramatic in themselves with drapes and feminine structures. Thus, keep your necklace minimalistic. A small pendant or a charm necklace would suffice without creating an overcrowded look. Try our Flower Zircon Gold Necklace, designed elegantly, featuring a delicate flower zircon design on a gold chain.

12. One Shoulder Neckline


One-shoulder dresses exude asymmetrical charm, and your choice of necklace should follow suit. Opt for an asymmetrical necklace that complements the neckline beautifully. Look for angular and abstract motifs or designs that align seamlessly with your one-shoulder top or dress. These unique necklaces will add a touch of elegance and flair, enhancing the overall appeal of your outfit.


Choosing the right necklace for your neckline can elevate your overall look. Experiment with styles, patterns, and lengths to find what works best for your ensemble. Remember, fashion is an expression of your unique personality - wear it with confidence!



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